On average, viewers read only 28% of displayed text



No matter how briefly you glanced at the above infographic, your brain has already registered 90% of what you just saw! Such is the power of infographics. This is because our brain quickly grasps complicated data when simplified and shown visually.

Here’s how to do it best:


Use crisp copy + icons
Grab attention 


Stick to 3 color palettes
Easy on the eye



Out information
Avoid clutter


Use call-outs
Highlight vital facts



believes that great infographics get right to the point and grab eyeballs. Come on over to discuss how you too can use this effective tool and market your brand the right way.



Ever wondered what’s the secret to a company’s unforgettable tagline?
Well, we’re here to unravel that mystery with these 6 tricks!


Cut it short
Taglines are meant to make an instant connect as soon as someone hears of your brand or sees your logo. Avoid long sentences that go beyond the gist of your company – you have your website for that.




Make it speak
Get your tagline to speak about what your brand has to offer. Highlight the end-benefit and not your product, because people relate better with what change you can make to their lives.




Brand it fresh
If it stands apart from the rest, chances are it’ll have greater recall. Steer clear of clichéd taglines and the very first idea that pops in your head. Think out-of-the-box and soon you’ll have the town abuzz!




Make it punchy
Any tagline with a nice ring to it sticks in the mind. If you want to up your game in the market, find out your competition’s tagline and ace it with a punchy tagline of your own.



heart_plGive it heart
Let your tagline be an extension of your brand identity. Keep in mind your brand’s story and the values it abides by. After all, taglines are the closest words to the brand name.




break_plBreak it down
Even though you’ve carefully spelled out the target group for your brand, there’s no harm in reaching out to others. Use simple and universally accepted words instead of complicated jargon that only target industry-specific people.



Think our tips do the trick for you? We have a lot more where this came from! Stop by our office and let us give your brand a voice with logos, brand names, taglines, and much more!

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‘Floor’ Your Employees With The Right Internal Communications



Tip 1 – Go digital

It’s time to go digital with your employees! Besides saving you print costs, interactive, animated mailers create an impact and engage your employees better. Set up an internal social channel and run weekly contests to build up your activity stream on social media. Once you have a thriving internal social platform, you’ve got a captive audience right there!

tunerightTip 2 – Tune it right

Opt for company radio and explore a whole new medium of interacting with your employees. Broadcast talk shows, song requests, quizzes, and more. Give your organization a voice and employees another reason to rejoice. What’s more, this can be done with a custom RJ only for your brand!



Tip 3 – Brand it new

Ever thought of extending the feel of your organization to office stationery? Bring your brand alive through notebooks, calendars, stickers, water bottles, and pens. Whether at their workstations or otherwise, you will find employees flaunting the company spirit with pride!


floorthemTip 4 – Floor them

If you’ve already done up your walls, here’s another option to spruce up the workplace. Use creative, striking floor stickers to deliver messages which employees can quickly absorb while moving around. Ever run a teaser campaign using floor stickers? If not, start now!


workbottomsupTip 5 – Work bottom-up

Why not turn the tables on communication flow? Install suggestion boxes or bulletin boards around the office for employees to voice their concerns and ideas. Crowdsource for your internal initiatives and hear fresh ideas all the time!


At Pink Lemonade, we’re always suggesting out-of-the-box initiatives to make maximum impact. Come on over to discuss how we can keep your internal communications going!

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 Hitting the sweet spot


You seldom get another chance to make the right first impression and Divine chocolate doesn’t need one. Perfectly pitched to stand out from the crowd, the packaging demands attention with bold, vivid colors and uncommon design elements.

Read on to see why we think the packaging hits all the right notes.


In step with the trend, but pushing the envelope as far as food packaging goes, is the liberal use of neon colors. The use of a jet black background as contrast enhances their pop appeal, while matte gold helps keep the balance. Taking center stage is the logo, embossed and stylized in bright gold to emphasize the subtext of luxury and indulgence that chocolates evoke.

Neon colors also assist customers to quickly identify their favorite flavors as each color is associated with a specific flavor. For example, hot pink with raspberry and eco green with mint.


Staying clear of images of ingredients and swirls of chocolate, the Divine chocolate wrapper is peppered with attractive design elements. What seem to be just graphic representations at first glance are actually popular West African Adinkra symbols. Cleverly incorporated to point to the origin of the chocolate — Ghana, where some of the best cocoa comes from — they also draw in the well-informed.

Flip the wrapper over for a small explanation about the symbol and what it denotes. It’s little details like this that help elevate the packaging to the next level.

Brand story

Each Divine bar unveils the ‘heart’ of the company with an introduction to the Kuapa Kokoo cocoa farmers who own 45% of the Fairtrade chocolate company. The fact that each bar is a labor of love is reinforced with either a heart-warming story of one of the farmers or a great recipe on the inside of the wrapper — an element that not only eggs the buyer to buy more but also start a collection.

In the real world, the idiom ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ has been proven untrue time and again. For us, who had no prior knowledge of Divine, a ‘good cover’ is what drove us to pick it up from the shelf. And of course, a good product inside does help too.

Humour in real life


 (Text version below)

Humour in real life

She writes to make people laugh but beneath her humour lies social commentary. Pink Lemonade catches up with Itisha Peerbhoy to discover more about her latest book Half Love Half Arranged and writing mantra.

  1. Tell us about Half Love Half Arranged.
    Half Love Half Arranged is a funny take on Indian society and how people pressure women for marriage. It is a reflection of crazy relatives and friendships.
  2. When and why did you first think of writing this book?
    The activity began a few years ago following an argument with my former boss and friend who said men wrote better love stories. We challenged each other to write a short story. I set out to write a book that was uplifting, relatable, and aspirational. I began writing and it turned into a novel. However, my friend is yet to pen his (laughs).
  3. What was the thought behind calling it Half Love Half Arranged?
    I realised women have a problem admitting to their arranged marriages. The general perception is that an arranged marriage is old-fashioned. They usually call it ‘part love, part arranged’ and that triggered the name.
  4. How much of the book is influenced by real-life incidents?
    It’s all real. The incidents reflect the Delhi mindset I saw during my vacations. In contrast to Mumbai where I grew up, girls in Delhi are constantly evaluated. Fat, dark, and short girls are given unsolicited advice by one and all to compromise and settle for unsuitable grooms.
  5. Is the book female-centric?
    Not at all. But the pink colour on its cover seems to give that impression. In fact, I have more men writing to me to say how much they enjoyed reading it. It’s a book that will appeal to anybody who enjoys a good laugh.
  6. You are also a business storyteller. Is fiction writing different?
    There are supposedly only four kinds of stories to tell. In the case of business storytelling and fiction writing, the technicalities are the same. They use insight and search for pain points to convey their messages through distinct voices. In both approaches, you need to be empathetic and close to your subject. While they deal with different kinds of facts, their techniques are the same. Like fiction, business storytelling is also full of drama – what with cut-throat competition and dissatisfied customers.
  7. What are your storytelling tips?
    Find a distinct voice, be true, and don’t follow a genre because it’s popular. Reflect reality as you see it. Don’t be afraid to get into details – the big picture is overrated.
  8. What next?
    World domination (laughs). I am working on two more novels and they should be out next year. You can look forward to a lot of humour. I have realized that nothing is so big that it can’t be laughed off.

Infographics crisp and clear communication


Brands that are winning at Instagram

Instagram is today one of the most popular social networking sites, especially with the youth. The social platform’s ability to connect with customers through pictorial storytelling is a prized tool for marketers.

Here are some brands doing extremely well on this platform.


This coffee vendor is definitely the brand making the most of its Instagram account.  Starbucks aims to be seen as a friendly coffee shop that happens to have a few other branches rather than just another large corporate chain. With its Instagram account largely user-generated, it shows two things matter to Starbucks: the coffee and its customers.


Billboard, like many publications, started out in print. It is now growing to merge with the age of real-time content updates. Billboard uses Instagram to promote its pages as well as give real-time updates of its interactions with celebrities. Instagram allows Billboard to reveal its latest featured individuals in casual and candid photographs, making it easier for the audience to connect.


Sharpie’s focus on artistic freedom and expression makes it one of the most successful brands on Instagram. Many of its Instagram images don’t feature the markers themselves, but rather their ink as applied to the canvas. A large part of the content is user-generated, making Sharpie one of the most successful players on Instagram.


You’ll never see a Nike post with just products. This sneaker giant’s Instagram is filled with stunning landscape shots and people using their merchandise in their environments. Nike PHOTOiD has been one of the most successful campaigns on Instagram. It gave fans the opportunity to design their own shoes and choose backgrounds to go with them.  The result: an overflow of user-generated content.

A picture is worth a thousand words and Instragram speaks volumes.


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