That, which demystifies this, is finally here!

One of my regular copywriting assignments involves lengthy technical explanations, requiring me to use ‘that’ and ‘which’ very often. While at times, both seem acceptable, they can sometimes alter the sentence completely… and so I set out to demystify the usage of ‘that’ and ‘which’!

Here’s a simple example:

The flowers that are yellow smell nice –> implies that only the yellow flowers smell nice.

The flowers, which are yellow, smell nice –> implies that ALL the flowers smell nice and the flowers happen to be yellow.

So, you use ‘which’ to give additional information on the subject – in this case, the flowers. You use ‘that’ to limit the subject by a condition – in other words, only the yellow flowers.

And, because ‘which’ tells us more about a subject, it is preceded and followed by a comma!

    • Sandeep
    • May 5th, 2010

    So shouldn’t your blog be allwhichittakes then? 😉

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