Adam’s ale in a pink bottle!

January 2010 was an interesting month. We travelled out almost every weekend and thoroughly enjoyed India’s sights and smells. Naturally, bottled water became a necessity, with us ordering it at every restaurant we ate at and carting unconsumed bottles back to our room. In the process, we ended up noticing quite a few new bottled water brands – there was Aqua Fina, Qua (with its wonderfully shaped bottle), Bisleri and of course Himalayan, amidst a plethora of local brands found in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Checking out the bottles everyday, brought my attention to the copy on the pink Himalayan water bottle (ironically water that’s also called Adam’s Ale, is bottled in pink here!). I noticed that they had many kinds of labels, each bearing its own version of copy.
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Can’t say that I liked the one I first saw for it struck me as inappropriate and queer, especially on the label of bottled water, saying something to the effect – pick me up and take me home??? But I have to add that that got me hooked. I started seeking out other bottles of Himalayan, just to read the copy, and was pleasantly surprised by a couple of them.

One goes like this:

I look back on life
it’s funny how things turn out.
You, the creator of beeping sirens
and honking cars, yearn for the
solitude of the mountains.
You, a connoisseur of fast food,
now gaze at water that took
years to gather natural minerals
as it trickled its way down
from the Himalayas to within
your reach.

And I, some of the purest water in the world,
stand here, trapped in a bottle.
Come, enjoy the irony.

Interesting, I’d say. And a fresh, young, peppy way to project the brand and bring out the USP of the product – natural water from the Himalayas.

The fact that it not only positions the brand as needed, but also gets the consumer to spend an extra minute to take in the visual representation and messaging, is a real bonus! The pink bottle and fresh design are plusses too. All in all, the packaging, unusual bottle shape, copy, etc. enhance mind recall in a space that’s crowded with blue labels bearing ice-capped mountains and no real differentiators!

If you can get your hands on a bottle, read on and let me know what you think.

And while you’re at Himalayan, check out the Marketing Practice blog that carries a case study on the rebranding of Himalayan bottled water.

  1. June 18th, 2010

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