Smooth as ‘Silk’!

Chocolates sold in India somehow don’t measure up! Whether it’s the taste or the rich creaminess or even the packaging. And certainly not the branding! Every time I find something unique done by the chocolates sold overseas, I wonder why we can’t do the same here – take small fortune notes in dark chocolate wrappers, or the toys sold in the Kinder brand… these certainly improve brand recall and attractiveness across the target audience.

Can’t say the same, however, of the Cadbury’s re-branding of their chocolate brands. Whether it’s Perk or Bournville or Dairy Milk Silk, I like the messaging and packaging a lot – it’s contemporary, it talks to the consumer and engages them, it’s neat (read printed gold and bronze foils) and it’s global.

Take Bournville for example. The wrapper inside has interesting copy, that gives you ‘food for thought’ as you enjoy the crisp, dark, fine chocolate… did I just remember their advertese as it is? It’s thanks to the wrapper that gets you engrossed as you sink your teeth into the bar!

The chocolate factory continues this shift in their product branding, with the ‘Silk’ brand as well. Again, uniquely printed gold wrappers, a smooth textured outer wrapper, and a simple note on the product and the experience it inspires, complete it for me… but not quite without the smooth as silk finish when I actually popped a piece into my mouth! 🙂

  1. Hey Tina,

    And I also loved Bournville’s unique way of advertising on flight. They gave my husband a smaller sample size of the chocolate and the boarding pass had the bournville ad on the back.

    Interesting i thought.

    • Yes Anu, I agree… esp. since it goes with their premium brand image! It’s also nice to see how brands are experimenting now and willing to explore unchartered routes.

      Good to hear from you. Where do you work now? And hey, I noticed we’re using the same theme for our blogs!! :)))

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