More Himalayan stories

Another little story from the Himalayan water bottles (read earlier blog post on this)

I grew up in a world

where music played when birds

were in the mood to chirp.

Where fashion statements

weren’t mass manufactured.

Where greys and laugh lines

were celebrated and not

mourned. Where water was

filled with natural minerals –

sodium, calcium, potassium –

served warm or chilled,

depending on the time of day.

In keeping with the times,

we’ve just put a label on it.

If you’ve read my last blog post on this, here’s my take on this one.

It starts of beautifully, breathing poetic elegance into every word in the first couple of sentences — birds in the mood to chip — lovely! Again, greys and laugh lines were celebrated — super! And then it completely ruins it for me with the sodium, calcium, potassium (words that don’t certainly don’t inspire a soft feel), and with the serving suggestions of warm or chilled!

Having said that, I understand the copywriter’s dilemma — writing a dreamy note that must also convey the USP of the brand, isn’t always child’s play!

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