Socks for Happy People…

…in which I tell you why I like Socks for Happy People (SFHP).

The name – lovely, happy!

The logo – simple, clean, but predictably UK design – many of my UK clients follow a similar style

Happy brand – generates good brand attributes, hence potential to drive sales

Logo palette coordinated to product palette – I wouldn’t wear an outrageously bright palette in my socks

Unique names in products – e.g. What Lies Beneath – super!

Unique business idea – well kids have their pretty socks, but how many people design socks for adults?

Spreading happiness – all their promos speak happiness and so does the site… the social angle too 🙂

They using the web brilliantly to promote

their brand – social media, twitter, YouTube!

Go check out their site.

Did they just blow the socks off you too??

Ok here’s where I think they need to pull up their socks – more socks patterns with funky, happy designs that leave you feeling AH!

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