The Upper Crust Choice

This post isn’t about the wonderful Upper Crust Show that I attended in Bangalore recently. It’s just about the way the news about the event was communicated to me – the target audience. 🙂

I heard about the show from a friend who created an event on the ubiquitous Facebook and invited her FB friends to the show. Being a food writer (and of course a foodie!) I was immediately interested and wanted to know more. Just blogging to say that I was thrilled to find all the info online – between FB and the site, including the schedule and chef demonstration timings, and even pictures of the previous shows. All enough to ensure that I was certainly going to make it to this one.

And I did! In fact, I came back with Gujarati farsan, instant soups and flavours from Keya, delectable Rajasthani pickles, Tom Yum noodles, blueberry cheesecakes, amongst other goodies. The cherry on the cake was the arrangement of the live food counters serving everything from Sushi to Ulta Tave ka Parathas, to chaats and Chinese delicacies from the best restaurants in Bangalore.

Left the venue feeling extremely satisfied, and not only gastronomically, for I checked out picnic tables, barbecue sets, outdoor garden furniture, some nifty table settings – all the stuff I’ve always wanted to see a good variety in.

A lovely afternoon spent at The Lalit Ashok! But before you get lost in the Khao Galli like I did, let me remind you that this post is actually in celebration of the social media platforms, which are solely responsible for getting me to The Upper Crust Show. Well done Facebook! So, if you’re planning an event the next time, don’t forget to get a good FB page and event up there… in fact, go a step further – use Linked In, Twitter, and your blog too. You never know – there could be another ‘me’ there chancing upon your little event, and turning up – only to bring it up in blogosphere and cyberspace, yet again! 🙂

  1. Oh yes, while I liked everything else about the show, I must also mention that I was extremely disappointed with the creatives planned for the event – pre-event and at the venue. See the first pic above and you’ll know what I mean!

    Would love to hear from all you foodies on this one. Cheers!

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