My pen runs dry…
Expressions, invisible to the written word
Words entangle like a ball of wool in my head
The more I pull, the more they knot
I know there is something I want to say
But cannot dip into the ink of my soul
Yet, the time is not far
When the lexicon will be a friend again
Till then, my friend, I lie here…
Waiting, waiting, waiting.
The writer’s block hits every writer/copy writer at some point. Just like the design wall that stands tall before designers.
At times like these, you might want to:
1. Just take a BREAK!!
2. Recharge your creative energies by doing all the things that lift the ‘creative soul’
3. Express yourself in other creative ways – art, illustrations, paintings and the like
4. Read other forms of writing that inspire you
5. Cook a meal that is gastronomically satisfying
6. Watch a film that helps you release the knotted energies
7. Visit exhibitions and works of art that unlock the creativity
8. Be amidst nature and experience the joy!
9. Try an absolutely different style of writing
10. Just be! Because it will soon be right back, and sooner than you know it!
If you have your own tips to add to this list, please feel free to comment on this post! Your tip may just be what someone’s looking for!
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