Bharti AXA – great ad, brilliant copy!

“Yeh unki kuchch cheezein hain jo mere pas thi

Lekin unki jama punji jo mere liye thi, woh aapke paas padi hain”

When we see the helpless lady, who comes to the insurance office with her husband’s belongings, saying this, we can’t help but connect as viewers! The ad guys have got you now… it’s only a matter of transferring the brand info! Brilliantly executed ad!

I am referring to the recent TVC by Bharti AXA. Captures the essence of life insurance perfectly. To me, copy is just perfect in this ad. Including the last bit where the lady asks, ‘Kab aoon main?” and the customer executive replies,

“Chai ke liye? Kabhi bhi! Waise cheque toh aapko 48 hours mein bhej diya jayega!”

Super ending to an ad that starts well, builds emotion in the viewer and resolves it seamlessly, all in 45 seconds!




    • Priyanka Matai
    • November 24th, 2010

    Very well said… the Ad is absolutely what it needs to be says what it needs to say and leave the viewer with the impact that Bharti AXA would want them to have!

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