Refreshing, energizing copy

Some copy pieces simply stun you.

They make you sit back and experience that ‘Ah!’ factor.

They elicit that stretch in the facial muscles, which can only be the result of an expression of joy in the heart.

They bring out pride, belongingness, conviction, and assertion. But above all, they make you believe.

Cutting-edge copy solicits and deserves a cutting-edge response. It’s no wonder that these ads/episodes are spoken of long after they are gone…

Some of my favourites are… The Times of India Lead campaign, The Economic Times Awards and the Power of Ideas campaigns. Another more recent one is something I find totally refreshing – Michelle Obama’s speech to the students at St Xavier’s College. I love the challenge and punch in her speech and am going to celebrate it as good copy, because after all there was a speech writer there who put their soul into it!


“Even though my parents couldn’t give us material things, they gave us something much more precious. They gave me and my brother strong values. They taught us to treat each other with dignity and respect. They taught us to push for excellence in everything we did. They taught us to be humble and grateful for everything we had. They taught us to put every last bit of effort into education and to take pride in our work. They taught us that our circumstances didn’t define us.

Keep dreaming. Keep dreaming big, huge, gigantic dreams. Not just for yourself but for our community and the world. You need to commit yourselves to something greater than yourselves. Soon we are going to be looking to your generation to make the discoveries and build the industries that will shape our world for decades to come. We’ll be looking to your to protect our planet. We’ll be looking to your to lift you the most vulnerable cities. We;ll be looking to you to heal the divisions that too often keep us apart.

I want to urge you today to ask my husband some tough questions. Alright? Be tough. He loves doing events like these; it brightens his day. But you got to keep him on his toes. Alright? So, if you promise me that, without further ado, I would like to introduce to you my husband, the President of the United States Barack Obama.”

This is so beautifully written – it has punch, warmth, grace and an endearing quality that stays with you! Well done!

Well, here are the samples I could find on the net.


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