Marriage Masala

And so, the new Volkswagon ad is out. And is already much talked about.

And this time the little yellow car makes news – but maybe for some wrong reasons!

Ad pundits and those with a social consciousness are not liking it – some noises on Facebook already!  The ad, which has been launched for the marriage season of November-December, urges people to gift a Beetle as a wedding gift. Marry that thought with the potency of the Indian Dowry tradition, and we all know what the grooms families are soon going to be demanding across the country!

But then, perhaps that’s the very nerve that VW wanted to catch – with a headline and copy that reads – ‘Marriage does come with its rewards’ and ‘Bachelorhood deserves a fitting farewell’! Although I can’t say I agree with the philosophy behind the ad… for personally, I feel it is a tad incorrect to even imply the ‘gift’ from the girl’s side, I don’t completely disagree with the thought of a “Just married” couple driving away in their Beetle… that’s so Hindi cinema inspired and very much the India of the small towns!

On the creative front, I love the artwork, and the “fittingly expensive” tagline, which kind of says what it needs to – and very smartly at that!

Your thoughts?

    • Vidya
    • December 6th, 2010

    Perhaps this is a case of VW wanting to sound smart n classy; but you know, sometimes brands hardly anticipate the kinda response their ads are likely to get. Or the socio-cultural contexts they are read in. The Haggen-Dazs ads in India, for example, were such a case of putting your foot-in-the-mouth in a bid to sound smart.

  1. Vidya, how lovely to hear from you… haven’t seen the Haggen-Daz ads… please post a link here if you can… what did they say?

    Whatever the case may be, I think this could turn out to be a case of publicity for VW anyway! Unless they really hit some raw nerves! And public consensus has the Beetle inspiring some positive, happy thoughts, so wonder if anyone’s really going to shoot this one down.

    Start a blog soon, I want to read yours! 🙂

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