Tag it right!

One often gets assignments to define a brand and develop a tagline for it…while working on it, you need to think hard as to what line would best bring the brand to life. After all, a good tagline can make all the difference to how well a brand is remembered.

How many times have you heard the following being quoted:

“The citi never sleeps”

“Just do it”

“Is se sasta aur achcha kahee nahee milenga”

“Earth’s biggest bookstore”

“Applying thought”

“Intel inside”

In fact some of these taglines have become such cliches that they find themselves into our everyday speech with the utmost ease. But not before they have also served to remind us endlessly about the brand and what it stands for. For example, the impression of Citibank today is that the bank never sleeps and serves you 24×7.

There are plenty of good examples of how a good tagline can complete the visual identity of a brand (complete with its logo, colours, typeface, graphic, etc.) That’s if the tagline really suits a brand name and elucidates its brand promise. Sometimes just the brand name suffices and the brand may not need a tagline. But if that’s not the case and the brand and product category solicits a tagline, there are some definite things to remember: keep the tagline short, make it easy to comprehend, ensure that it enhances the brand idea and communicates the benefit.

And if your business demands it, it’s never too late to redefine your tagline. This is specially true for evolving brands and start ups that aim to be something and end up doing something else.

Leaving you with some good taglines…

Air Canada – A breath of Fresh Air

CHEVROLET AVEO – When Good is not good enough

CNBC – Profit from it

IBM – I think, therefore IBM

Infosys – Powered by Intellect, Driven by Values

LARSEN and TOUBRO – We make things which make India proud

Metlife – Have You Met Life Today

Star Sports – We know your game

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH – Read a Bestseller everyday

UBS – You and Us

VOLKSWAGEN – Drivers wanted

…and a funny example where I saw a tagline for a tagline – Incredible India is the Indian Tourism Department’s catch phrase for its tourism initiatives. Recently on a tourist bus, I saw a smart alec tagline for this tagline – “Mantra to woo tourist”. Totally corny and will certainly work to negate all the so called wooing! So be careful before you define your own tagline!

    • Amit
    • January 1st, 2011


    Tag line do make and set an impression, specially the ones that hit you straightaway.

  1. Thanks Amit. Feel free to post your own here.

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