And the winner is…

Well, well, well! I am at the end of my first blog contest. Am thrilled that so many of you wrote in. Here are the much-awaited answers… most of them are sent in by contestants ☺

Let’s leap back to school quickly now, and take a page out of our English lessons. I can wage a bet you’re not going to forget this blog post, the next time you need to use one of these words – that’s if you read it carefully! 😉

So here goes…

Alternative – used with choices– where there is an original plan and a few other possibilities. The possibilities are the alternative options.
Alternate – used as – to succeed, or act by turns: someone who takes the place of another person, do something in turns, etc.

Enquiry – used to ask a question; more informal use
Inquiry – has a formal and official ring to it, inquiry is a formal investigation.
You enquire about the health of the person, but inquire about the fraud or crime.

Diverse – implies different types of entities; a general word, often used to describe the results of diversifying.
Diversified – implies more of a conscious effort to create diversity; largely used as
business jargon in terms of a company’s offerings.
“Diversify” means “to make diverse”, and “diversified” means “made diverse”.

In spite – in spite is used when you know the outcome, but still want to keep trying for a result. E.g. In spite of research and advancement in medical sciences, one still says, ” I pray to God…”
Despite – retains a similar meaning, but is used to negate an action.
E.g. He was admitted to the hospital at right time and despite of medical care, could not recover fast.

Currently: traditionally currently meant “now” (the film is currently playing at xyz) Presently: while presently meant “after a short time” (I will see you presently)

Effect: Effect is the result of an action.
Affect: Affect is to have an effect on something or someone
(What effect will drinking have on me? Will it affect my lungs?).

Among: means ‘in’, ‘into’ or through the midst of
Amongst: No difference. Amongst is old fashioned and primarily British English.

Accept: to take or receive something offered
Except: with the exclusion of

Specially: Special mean “particular, distinguished in a distinct way, or designed for a particular purpose.” Specially means “particularly, in a disintguishing manner, or for a particular purpose.”
Especially: Especial is an uncommon adjective. Especially, its adverb form, is much more common. Especial means “exceptional, noteworthy, or particular.” Especially means “exceptionally, in a noteworthy manner, or particularly.”

They can be used synonymously. However, if you want to stress the exceptional or noteworthy quality, then especial or especially is a better choice. If you want to stress the distinctive purpose of something, then special or specially is the word you are looking for.

And now for the most exciting part… the winners.

Before I do that, I just want to say THANKS so much for participating in the contest… special thanks to readers like Sancho who took the time out to write all answers. Honestly, I had no role to play in choosing ‘who’ should win. I simply entered all your names in the random option picker tool – and hit the ‘select’ button three times to get three winners… (click on the link here to see how it works for yourself.)

And so…

among the esteemed participants:

Sandeep H
Sandeep N

I am happy to present the winners of this blog contest.

The Shopper’s Stop vouchers go to:


To add to the agony, I almost feel like writing:

Please wait for the next blog post to find out more
But no, I’ll be my nice self and tell you.

Ladies and gentlemen, please put your hands together for:

Nikhil Nair
Shrivatsa H


The three of you may please add your email IDs below and I shall connect with you to send you the vouchers.

Thanks again and keep reading!

    • Nikhil Nair
    • February 24th, 2011

    Hey Tina,

    My email id is …
    Yipeeeeee i wonnnnnnnn

  1. yay! ive inboxed the email-id to your fb account. didnt want to put it here because of the spam it attracts 🙂

  2. Congrats to the three Lucky winners!

    • Thanks Sandeep, for writing. Keep checking this space. Another contest is coming soon. 🙂

    • Srivathsa TS
    • February 26th, 2011

    Hey Tina,

    I hope am the one (third in the row), still keeping my fingers crossed as the iniital is H 🙂
    Any ways, my email address is

    Thank you and cheers to all who participated!
    Thanks Tina for coming up with a creative blog 🙂

    • Yes Srivatsa, you are very much the winner. Sorry about getting your name wrong. Mailing all three winners shortly. Thanks and congrats!

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