Run Bangalore Run

The Sunfeast World 10K Run is scheduled on 15 May 2011, in Bangalore. Once again, the city will run in all shapes and colours and the streets will be marked with the fun and fever of running. In fact charities around the city have already started garnering support and sending out appeals. This is a trend that repeats through every marathon, across all cities in India. Running for a cause has finally caught on in our country and about time too. ‘Coz the ‘urban sport’ of running is hugely popular today and we can all count at least 10 friends who are ardent runners.

All said and done, think ‘running’ and nothing compares to the brand recall of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon – the first one to be hosted in India. The global bank today, has in fact become synonymous with a marathon and no one can visualise the SCMM without the quintessential Stanchart green and blue.

So powerful is the brand association with a cause like this, that it has brought in so much visibility for the bank and created a ‘property’ that the bank can now leverage. Well done Stanchart, and not just for the way you’ve grown this property, but also for how you are harnessing its impact — I found one visual on their website, which totally takes this branding further. Loved the world+shoe image that brings out the RUN Stanchart is associated with so well! Cheers!

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