FB tricks and treats

Yes, it’s designed to look like a pretty picture postcard but it isn’t just that. The image above is SpiceJet’s smart little way of informing its FB fans of the places the airline flies to. It’s also a nicely done FB tagging image where you can tag your friends from these places. Good ain’t it? Specially since FB tagging is a popular social media marketing tool today.

Consider this – you put out a picture on FB and tag say 10 of your friends… assuming that each of these friends has 300 (average) friends each, you immediately end up ‘notifying’ 300*10=3000 people of the picture you just put up.

Imagine this then, if someone were to use the SpiceJet image above, tagging even a few friends, SpiceJet would end up reaching so many new people. Which is why there are thousands of companies out there designing specialised FB tagging images, with their branding on the images.

Well, now that this little secret is a secret no more, figure a way for your business to tag people on FB. Separate your customers and tag them, tag your followers as per cities, tag your training courses across cities, tag your exhibition dates as per locations if you travel across cities, or tag your customers on pictures of the purchases they made — one florist actually does this — not only does it make people know which ones are the popular pics, but it also works as a sort of testimonial for her creations. And she is on FB – so look for her! 🙂 In another example, I saw an insurance major tagging their clients and FB friends in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. One of my friends happened to be tagged. And guess what? I ended up clicking the link only to go through all the snaps and prominently see the branding of the insurance firm all over!

So don’t under estimate the power of FB tagging. Go ahead, try this small trick and it may just be the little FB treat your business is looking for!

  1. March 14th, 2011

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