The hype about type

Have been wanting to write something on the creative use of typefaces for a while now. After all, no matter how sparkling your copy is, it falls flat if badly represented in the artwork. Oh yes, there can be some inadvertent disasters if you let your creative go out without checking the possibility of using different fonts, placing text interestingly, combining various fonts, etc.

Having done art direction for a while now, I can tell you that sometimes everything looks good-to-go but there’s still a nagging feeling that a creative’s not quite there. Time to examine the type. The graphics may be good, but not if they’re raining on your type.

The power of type can NEVER be underestimated. In fact, recently I came across some interesting examples of using type to imply the graphics in a campaign. (Trust me this can work well where you have cursive type that resembles flourishes!)

Anyway, coming back to the correct use of type and how to choose typefaces – you could come upon another dilemma. When text is less, sometimes, you can get away with the type you choose – after all the less there is to see, the less it pulls you. But when text increases – and it does indeed in newsletters, annual reports, and what have you – it’s time to give type some more attention. Specially since, you need to be working with more than one typeface.

I came this nice piece in Smashing Magazine by Donny Bonneville... please read on for a crash course in working with multiple typefaces.

Best Practices of Combining Typefaces – Smashing Magazine.






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