A STAR campaign

It’s International Women’s Day. Tons of SMSs going around. Lots of inspirational stories, emails, posts. Plenty of flowers, wishes, and such. Hundreds of FB status messages wishing sistas, mommies, and darling daughters.

Ok. The mushy stuff aside… this day presents marketeers with some serious opportunities to push their products further. This women’s day, I’ve seen innovative marketing communication and campaigns centering around various types of offerings. Some of them leverage the digital space creatively.

1. An online brands retailer has a special range of women’s products and some from NGOs supporting women
2. A prominent bookstore
in Bangalore has distributed vouchers offering a 20% discount to women customers today
3. A jewellery designer is offering a 4% off on gold and diamond jewellery and 8% on silver jewellery
4. A women’s leadership course is offering a discount on nominations of corporate women employees

… and so on.

But it doesn’t necessarily involve a purchase… like STAR plus’s new TU HI MERI STAR campaign very smartly gets women to TAG other women on FB. (Remember I mentioned SpiceJet’s campaign in a recent post). Going with the spirit of women’s day, chances are that women would want to tag other special women in their lives on a day like this. I would; if only I didn’t know that it’s perhaps a marketing gimmick – just like Archie’s cashes in the various special ‘days’ to push their products.

Well, even if the consumer is getting smarter today, marketeers continue to leverage platforms they can. For us in the business, it gets even better, as we watch the space and get a chance deploy innovative go-to-market market strategies. Check out the STAR campaign tagging image for now.

And, Oh yes! Happy Women’s Day!

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