No Cha with Pokoda!

I love the Cha Bar and its concept of chat, drink, eat, as well as read! I also think it’s wonderfully brought out in the little logo. Was pondering over this on my last visit there, when oops, I saw the plethora of errors in their latest tent card on the table.

Take a look:

1. Lemonade becomes LAMENADE or LAMAENADE
2. Pakoda becomes POKODA
3. Sandwich becomes SANWITCH
4. Notice the inconsistencies in names, plural forms, etc.

After my initial horrified reaction as to how a prominent brand could allow this to happen, I re-looked at the design. Excuse my mobile-phone-photography of the tent card, but do notice that the design is quite nice… clearly Cha Bar has templatised this and passed it to the multiple locations for editing. The spellos are evidently some ‘local’ handiwork!

Of course this has happened aplenty in smaller places and local dhabas, where a Chicken Satay becomes Chicken Shatty (yes, it happened to us in Jaipur!), or a Coke becomes Cock (please read my earlier blog posts on this!) For a brand like Cha Bar however, it’s an undoing of the lovely logo and especially the menu. Didn’t whet my appetite, for sure!

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