Garden Gupshups and more

A month when I am feeling bogged down not just by the heat but also by the sheer workload around! For one, the holidays have begun, which means my days have been divided by half – well at least that’s what the productivity comes to when you have a naughty bunch interrupting every time you need to apply brain cells to a creative idea. Which means my days are now synonymous with LOUD – and no that’s not the capitalisation in the copy I am proofing – it’s just my decibel levels, which somehow match those of the terror twosome! And of course, April also means that no matter which meeting you are in, you will receive phone calls from the little devils, every 5-10 mins! No I am not kidding… all my clients can vouch for this! πŸ™‚

But guess what, summer holidays also mean holiday-time activity, where the kids can be packed off to. And one very such activity brought me to a wonderful piece of artwork, which I want to share with you.

A Hundred Hands – a nonprofit trust based in Bangalore celebrates the pleasure of handmade crafts in our homes and daily lives. (More about them at A Hundred Hands sent out mailers the other day, asking children to be a part of a gardening workshop, titled Garden Gupshups (lovely!). What brightened up (pun intended) my morning that day, was the beautiful, colourful poster that brought the workshop to life.

I went back to their site looking for further material on them, only to find other such enchanting posters.

Notice the way the brand ‘A Hundred Hands’ is carried into all their posters. The ‘hands’ literally depict a hundred things in their collateral – from streamers to the sun, to butterflies, flowers, a swan, and even a crocodile and an elephant!! Going back, if you look at their logo (a tree with multiple hands), it all comes together! Especially in the Garden Gupshups poster, which is related to a children’s activity – the design is child like, child-friendly, fun and happy. My kids for sure had an interesting time figuring the creatures depicted.

But, if I were to mention just one aspect that I would be wary about, it would be this again – a bit too child-like, even for events not targeted at children? But what the hell, they’re fun anyway, and I would rather forward a happy-looking event poster to someone, than a sober one!

  1. so lovely to hear from you and thank you for appreciating our posters. Just to share with you, the look and feel of A Hundred Hands was conceptualised by Bindia Thapar, a childrens book illustrator and our Mentor. The idea is simple and childlike..:) ( your point noted). and it’s been taken forward in the Handmade collective posters by Fryed ( Prahlad Najappa and Karan Doshi, supporters of A Hundred Hands) and now with the Garden Gupshups by The Other Design Studio (Angeline and Upesh Pradhan, members of A Hundred Hands and supporters too!). In many ways, it also reflects the spirit of A Hundred Hands, when many people come together to create, sans egos and boundaries!

  2. Wonderful! Thanks for adding this bit of info with the readers. Would love to attend some of your events and help if I can! πŸ™‚

    • Sonia Anoop
    • April 12th, 2011

    Lovely posters . thanks for letting us know. Passing the info to all my Banglorean friends

    • Hey Sonia… good to hear from you. Yes please do share the link with anyone interested. Hope you are well otherwise.

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