Dil jo chahe, paas laaye

That’s virtually (pun intended!) what Airtel’s 3G does for you. Or so this ad promises.

Airing aplenty on telly these days, this ad. immediately warms the heart… The girl has just the right amount of ‘ada’ to rib the man in the her life. The man’s expressions are endearing – he misses her to the extent that he even remembers the mole on her shoulder and could simply reach out and touch her. Wonderful portrayal by both actors. Excellent scripting by the agency. Message drives home – use 3G to bring those you love, even closer.

Of course, people will use it when they travel to call and capture those moments they miss.
Of course, people will use it to bring back memories of another day and place through video calls.
And of course, people will use it to connect with those who can’t be with them (read old parents, grandparents)
But the one instance I don’t see this technology being used is exactly how Airtel shows it – in sensitive army areas 3G is not likely to be allowed… and especially since the man is in camouflage ‘fatigues’, it’s certainly not safe ground. A little careful thinking on the scenario would have helped. U think?

    • ravi srinivasan
    • May 1st, 2011

    Hey T.,
    visiting blog after long time. Quite many ads targeting couples nowadays. Me like the ‘khaane mein kya hai’, ‘meethe mein kya hai?’ DairyMilk ad a lot.
    One absolutely wonderful series done in an understated way is the Enjoy Responsibly series but that comes only before UEFA soccer matches.

  1. Yes Ravi, agree 100%. Just the other day, we were commenting on those ads. Right from their ‘meetha’ series to the bustop one to the Silk ads, Cadbury has done a wonderful turn around on its advertising. There seems to be a planned go-to-market change here, with their positioning, packaging, presentation, all undergoing a sea change. Good for the consumer, and certainly good for them! Leaves a mark – just like the Amul chocolate ads we all enjoyed as kids!

    Thank you for visiting the blog. Lovely to hear from you. Cheers!

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