Unboxed Writers » A Fishwife’s Tale

Unboxed Writers » A Fishwife’s Tale.

The setting sun cloaked the evening sky in shades of pinky pastel, and lit up the island that dominates the coastline around here. A woman wandering by grabs a knife and in swift strokes, beheads for us the three struggling Kahawai on the beach.

“No taste like it,” she sighs in satisfaction. “From the sea to the plate in one hour!” Refusing to take even a single fish for her trouble however, she then strolls off into the sunset with her Bichon Frise toy dog dancing beside her.

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I am sure if you clicked the link above – and you’re anything of a writer yourself – you’ve just jump started your morning with the equivalent of a hot cuppa! Well, I just did. And so, I wanted to share this piece of creative writing as a fantastic example of how an audience that knows nothing of your work can still be kept glued as they read words stunningly strung together.

Unboxed Writers has other lovely pieces by writers who are very talented. And although I have been reading them for sometime, a doze from ‘the fishwives of New Zealand’  inspires me to do something I have been wanting to (but have been lazy to) – add them to my Blog Roll!

Good luck Unboxed Writers and happy reading them, people!

  1. Thanks for sharing the love Tina!

    • You’re most welcome Dianne… your writing is superlative stuff! 🙂

    • Vidya
    • April 29th, 2011

    Lovely stuff Tina. Feels great to read travel writing that isn’t weighed down by the usual cliches and feel-good descriptions. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Vidu… they are a wonderful lot, Unboxed Writers. I read your posts today too… loved one of them… will comment ‘coz I want to blog about it too. BTW Dianne’s posts reminds me of the times we used to read such stuff written by each other and critique it! 🙂

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