Killing that creative roadblock

If you’re in the creative field, you’ve got to have heard peeps crib about the all-pervasive, creativity-yanking, age-old tool – BRAINSTORMING! Some hate (read the creative ones), others love it (read creative heads), but NO ONE can ignore it. Simply, because a good session of brainstorming ALWAYS gives you what you’re looking for and ends a creative roadblock. (Of course, that’s if you have people come to the table with ideas and not scribbles in their notebooks – most of us end up doodling or just pretend that we’re taking notes copiously!)

Honestly, I used to be in the cribbing group, until I started leveraging brainstorming, or for that matter mindmapping, seriously and personally too. Well, let’s look at it this way… it’s not like a brainstorming or BS (pun intended) as some friends prefer to refer to it, or mindmapping is going to throw up scores of creative ideas, but what they will certainly do, is get you to look at an idea or a concept in a different way. With new eyes. Minus prefixed concepts. Without the familiar thinking patterns that generate roadblocks time and again. And that’s enough for starters. The result of exploring just one of these newfound possibilities, may be that great creative idea you’re looking for.

What you’re doing when you employ both these techniques is thinking out-of-the-box (one thing that clients LOVE to tell the creative agencies!). What they mean is basically, cut the logical thinking and “give me something new” – how I hate these client types! And all you creative people reading this, I know you do too! ๐Ÿ™‚ But well, if it has to be done, it has to be done, so get 3-4 people/friends/associates together, sit around a coffee table and thrash out concepts. Often, it does take at least 2-3 heads to have that ‘ah!’ feeling of a rain-washed vision!

But if you can’t involve people, bring out the sheets of paper and start mindmapping – ample websites are offering this too today! Write your thoughts, draw them if you can, add colours and graphics and let them sit there for a couple of days. Get back to it then and look with fresh eyes; then add even more dimensions.

And if you’re really really feeling lazy… a super short-cut to dealing with brainstorming is simply, the going-beyond-your-thoughts-can Visual Thesaurus. Just type your word, sit back and let the computer do your thinking for you. Then, go ahead pick your creative idea from the words there. Who knows, you may never have to sit around a brainstorming session again.

Got any unique ways to kill the creative roadblocks? Share yours with me!

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