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Fantastic post by Bhatnaturally (thanks!)… colonial hangover or not, weve all watched this wedding with record viewship… Kudos to the advertisers and their agencies for milking the moment! Read on below or at his wonderful blog, where the full article is!

We’ve all seen the T-Mobile Royal Wedding video which has become a viral hit with over 14mn views. Back home, we also had Amul taking out a billboard in customary style. I had said earlier that ‘topical ads link a brand to the news of the day and can deliver far greater impact than regular one-off ads. Since the topic is in the public eye, a clever linkage to the brand in question goes a long way in cementing the brand to that particular event‘.

The Newspaper Marketing Association of UK showcases topical ads often and here a few of the ads taking advantage of the Royal Wedding. Here are a few:

kodak royal wedding 1 hires1 Royal Wedding and topical ads

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