Who are you talking to?

Read this somewhere the other day. Thought it makes a lot of sense in our creative field, where we are constantly figuring communication styles and messaging in our ads., communication materials, etc.

While profiling the target customer, it is important to profile the others involved in influencing their purchase too. So, spend some time to figure out who is the:

Initiator – Someone who first suggests the idea of buying a product. e.g. a housewife and her washing machine.

Influencer – Someone who influences the purchase decision through a suggestion or advice. e.g. Does the loud tie work for me or not?

Decider– The one who decides on the purchase and also any purchase decisions like where, what and how to buy. e.g. could be the mother if a toy has to be bought, or a father when a flat screen TV is being purchased… basically the product defines it.

Buyer – The one who actually makes the purchase. e.g. again, could be any one of the buying group, depends on who is paying!

User – The person who consumes or uses the product. e.g. a child and his playstation.

After, we’re gone through all these groups, it is vital to know who our communication is actually targeted at and the response it should inspire. For e.g. telling a child that they can dirty the clothes all they like, as long as mummy uses the right detergent is not going to work… it will have to be told to her, in a manner that will have her listen!

Sharing some sample Indian ads. Let’s figure out who is being spoken to it these… then identify the above groups of people in these ads.

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