What’s in a name?

What’s in a name, he said. And what indeed, we thought, for many years.

But apparently not in the times of today!

The Yellow Button

The Rogue Elephant

The Orange Bicycle

The Purple Turtles

Purple and Orange

Red Quanta

The Green Pocket

The Pink Poppadom

Pepper Cafe

Just Blues

See what I mean?

Clearly stores, businesses and entrepreneurs are leaving no stone unturned to launch that ‘different’, memorable, inspiring business name, that will spur a few customers to seek out the freshness that the name spells.

And colours seem to rule the tastes. In some cases, the businesses may not actually be symbolic of the colour’s meaning but business owners are happy to project a ‘vibrant’ and ‘peppy’ place – esp. when it comes to boutique stores and restaurants. After all, the name’s sticky and that’s what matters. Here’s what works for them:

1. The name is not one that you’re likely to forget. In fact, it will pique your interest and there’s the crowd differentiator they asked for.
2. It’s easy… almost simple enough for a kindergarten kid to remember… colour basics combined with an attribute from another noun – Pink Poppadom… get it?
3. Conjours up easy visuals immediately. Again, adds to mind recall. Plus, these names make for some very nice logos. Some attached in this post.
4. Notice the ‘happy’ sounding names — implying happy places where one would like to go. Most are emotive names… taking you back to a good time… Yellow Button… Orangle Bicycle… Green Pocket, etc. Colours have their own emotions attached to the name too.
5. And lastly, most are short and easy to spell.

Brand barons may argue that it may have been good for some of them to directly depict the nature of business in their names. But then, their name meets all the other criteria for a business name and gets you interested enough to figure what they do, right? That’s the bigger battle to win, I’d say!

Hats off to these guys – they certainly have the first mover advantage where unique business names are concerned but methinks the differentiator that’s worked hitherto will eventually undergo some fatigue if the trend continues. So other entrepreneurs reading this post, please take a page out of these books, to think along different lines… we’ve got orange, purple, yellow, green… now let’s do something new!

(Ps: All images used belong to the business. They are merely reproduced here to bring out the efficacy of the name.)

  1. nice one, tina. enjoyed reading it!


    • Thanks Reena. And I see that your business has a very interesting name too – My Sunny Balcony. Fantastic! Do tell me a little more about it. very interested. Cheers!

    • Pushya
    • May 24th, 2011

    The most interesting one I came across was for a plant nursery and it was called ‘Secret Garden’, I though that was ingenious! 😉

    • Reza
    • May 28th, 2011


    heard of Dotted i ? their tagline is..the devil is in the details(www.thedottedi.in/store). very unique

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