Long Copy’s Not Dead

It’s just gone underground!

That’s what the website for The London Long Copy Challenge says. And with that the creators of the challenge (CBS Outdoor and Campaign) presented creative agencies in the UK, with a unique task – to design and write a ‘tube’ poster using long copy (50+ words). The objective – to entertain, inform and inspire the people as they wait for their train.

Here’s what the website says of the results:

“The competition received nearly 500 entries from across the UK and in doing so has highlighted the passion that remains in our industry for long copy advertising writing.

Through the creative, copy and supporting material, it was evident that there is an innate confidence in the Underground’s power as a key communications channel as well as Tube advertising’s ability to reach some of the world’s most valuable and attractive advertising audiences.

A reasonable question to ask is why has it taken our competition to re-energise the passion that so many have for long form content? The truth is that the talent has always been there, and this campaign has simply been the catalyst to encourage a legion of creatives to showcase their skills and their belief in the power of the written word.”

Well said! And that apart, the selected picks from the winning entries are a workshop in both copy an art, even as the worthy mentions present fantastic examples of creativity. Imagine the hundreds of thousands of eyeballs you need to grab with your copy and creative – you have no option but to stand out. And how! These guys have indeed proven that long copy’s not dead… as long as you know how to take it out there. Also notice how some ads are specially created to give the ‘tube’ feel, while bringing the creative alive. Spend a few moments reading, browsing and losing yourself in these creatives – just as I did!

Click on the images below to enjoy some of the best entries. All images belong to The London Long Copy Challenge 2010.

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