Missing the point with touching and typing!

Nokia’s Touch and Type promo is pretty much on the lines of the Ymail promo I blogged about earlier. Happy to see how more and more such films are now being used for promos*.

It uses character graphics which are done pretty well and animation that incorporates sounds effects. I love the introduction and characterisation of Typo Bhai and Touchy Taichi. The animation in the ring and the noise effects of the wrestling ring are well depicted too. However, the ending of the promo doesn’t drive the message home for me – the conclusion is a bit weak and the take away isn’t strong. To be specific, the USP of the touch and type isn’t brought out well at all. To begin with, the premise for the wrestling match isn’t clear either. And how the dilemma is solved isn’t the ‘ah’ moment it’s meant to be…!

Won’t spoil it further for you but take a look and let me know if it works for you. Maybe I am just missing the point!

* (In fact, am getting so many enquiries for unique films like these now, whether it’s educational learning materials or product demos or product teasers like the one above. It’s a great way to explore even helpdesk troubleshooting videos, self-learning modules, software product functionality and even building walk-throughs. So if you are in marketing communications, you’d probably like to explore this one for one of your products/brands! India’s certainly woken up to localised animation like this.)

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