Marking smiles, making life!

Designing calendars can indeed be a fun activity if you’re in the creative field. The more you challenge yourself to present the date, day and month in a creative way, the greater the satisfaction in your task! I have designed some interesting calendars for organisations that I have worked for. I have also seen some really creative calendars done by iTasveer, Ray and Keshavan, and the very talented duo at Craft Corner, in Bangalore. Have also found some very useful calendars for kids at Apple of My I and truly appreciate the effort people put into making something different like this. But recently I came across the Life Calendars by Brigada Creativa, and indeed found them as a breath of fresh air!

Why I think they work:
1. They can be used 365 days a year and you can start anytime.
2. Other calendars will help you keep the date but these help you keep the quality of ‘life’.
3. Measure your happiness by tracking how you felt across the days. If there are more smiles, you’re clearly doing something right, if not, change what you’re doing now!
4. They’re simple, happy and fun.
5. They’re different, and they’re a first!! Hats off to the guys at Brigada Creativa for coming up with a unique one. Inspires me to want to design some good calendars myself!

All images belong to Brigada Creativa. If you like the calendar too, go ahead buy their calendars at their shop.

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