Number crunching – the new way!

Gone are the days when creating annual reports were only a CFO and his team’s prerogative. Annual reports have come a long way from being a plethora of numbers and data in several reams of paper made exclusively for the consumption of financial and operations experts. It is refreshing to note the time and effort spent by organisations today, to make their annual reports more than oodles of information.

Brands today are using their annual report to engage with their share holders, clients and everyone relevant. At Pink Lemonade, we are pleased to be a part of this trend and are glad to be working on our first such report. These interactive annual reports present the companies with a whole new lease of life, enabling us to narrate a story, present collaboration, development using facts and figures and provide context using videos and visual aids. While some of the cynics may call it old wine in a new bottle, we say it is power of technology to a cause, simplifying data and numbers, and making reams of paper digital and accessible on mobile devices. Mother Earth cannot be happier with organisations going the digital way and reducing their carbon print!

In addition, the graphics and videos make annual reports easy to relate and make them fun and interesting rather than plaid and boring. Think of the power your brand can unleash when a ten-year-old can see your annual report and make sense of it. See it to believe it, where pictures speak more than words and your annual reports are just a click away.

Some of the brilliant pieces of annual reports that we have come across so include:  (Brilliant use of graphics and animation) (We like the use of the happy people and traditions slides before the report. It has a very positive and reassuring effect on the viewer) (Very simple with not too much use of graphics. However, we like the approach of using less and saying more, blending results and still leaving behind a message of strong call of action). It works really well for the non-profit sector.

Please do feel free to share any creative annual reports with us or connect to see how we can help to narrate your story better.

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