Be Stupid!


Smart listens to the head but stupid listens to the heart. The tagline pretty much sums up the Diesel manifesto behind the ’Be stupid’ campaign.  Diesel has always been riding the wave of being rebellious in their approach to campaigns (print or media). Not strangers to controversy or friends of subtlety, Diesel is never afraid to stir a hornet’s nest and drive home their point. Like it or not, the message is in your face urging you to stop at a hoarding, read the print twice and in the case of differently wired people like some of us, it definitely leaves a lasting impression.

Clever play of words and pictures here, it’s not only about the brand but the shift in attitude it hopes to bring about in the world. The foresight of thinking beyond the brand really gives their campaign the much needed boost and helps in getting their million impressions. We at Pink Lemonade, subscribe to the thought process where creativity is found in relaying the most thought provoking messages with profound simplicity… Are we stupid enough to appreciate the campaign? But of course!

The international campaign was bold and many prints were banned. However we liked the approach of Happy Creative Services for their Indian campaign. We think the campaign had understated brilliance and appeal, the way it was intended to, keeping the message crystal clear, not compromising on the element of boldness. They managed to walk the tight rope of being bold and brilliant and avoided being brash and vulgar. We feel that’s clever advertising all about.

We used the campaign as a discussion board at Pink Lemonade as a part of our creative exercises. The stupid vibrant energy was the much needed mid-week fix for renewed creativity. Thank you Team Happy!


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