Time for your date with the calendar!

Happiness is not a season, it’s a way of life.

This is a saying that’s been a favourite for ages. And guess what, it wasn’t a book that gave us this phrase, but a calendar from a customer of ours. Long after the year printed on the almanac has been wiped out from memory, these words continue to stay with us. That’s the power of this time-keeper, which can often go beyond dates, weeks, and months to become a part of you and your life.

A calendar that turns into a collectible is a powerful tool to disseminate an organisation’s principles, genesis, beliefs, dreams, and objectives. And of course, it’s an effective way to stay with your customers, employees, well-wishers, even after the months roll by and their days cease to exist.

Many corporates and institutions have sensitively latched onto to this aspect. In fact annual calendars have gone beyond simplistic pages emblazoned with dates, product images, and logos to becoming ‘the’ annual giveaways that occupy a place of pride on the recipients’walls or desks. Moreover in a tech-dependent world today, the need for a physical calendar seems to have been pushed into oblivion. That’s why an eye-catching date-display that adds an aesthetic visual to the room is more important than ever!

Sharing some good designs we found. No credit taken for work showcased here. The links to the designers’ pages are as mentioned.





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