Love yourself by breaking up with the wrong bra

Having positioned itself as the ‘bra’ in shining armour here to rescue Asian women from bad, unforgiving, cutting, bruising brassieres is amante – an MAS holdings subsidiary.   


It’s close to your heart. It supports your back. It holds you at night. It defines you in every form. It’s personal, but draws attention – it’s your bra – so wear the right one says amante who with their ‘Break up with the wrong bra’ campaign cleverly play the modern day yenta. They want to match the unique South Asian silhouette with the privilege of every woman – an amante bra.

Supporting – pun intended – this market positioning is their tastefully designed website that gives information on ‘the right fit’ and the high percentage of women (not just sexy twigs) who get it wrong by ignoring the health effects of wearing the wrong bra and not heading to expert refitting advice as there’s many a slip ‘twixt the ‘cup’ and the lip.

The nemesis of every woman – the wrong bra – is used just right in the symbol of this revolt in a very fun and cheeky fashion (shown above). The campaign in order to NOT objectify women uses only their faces – where everyone should be looking while addressing women.     

Which is what we at Pink Lemonade did while addressing each other and high-fiving an undersated lingerie ad. FINALLY – an ad for women of every shape and form. Lovely!


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