We have resolved…have you?


‘Yesterday you said tomorrow’ (paying homage to this amazing line from a Nike advertising campaign) and pushed it again to the day after, and eventually forgot about it the entire year.  As the excuse to not complete the New Year resolution took the driver’s seat-your enthusiasm died down early or mid 2012. But this year, in the hope of things being different, most of us would have resolved to lose weight, eat right, or wake-up early. As a creative agency, it’s only natural that we create our very own list of New Year resolutions and today, we are giving you a sneak peek into this list.

  • To produce more awesome work: There are some resolutions that are worth carrying over from the year before; this one is a perfect example of that. Our drive and dissatisfaction with just-being- satisfied is a constant itch that has helped us create some awesome and award-winning work in the past. But this itch has increased twofold and refuses to die down! So this year we are looking forward to some challenging assignments that test our creativity. So, all you out there, bring it on!!!
  • Sometimes the best sort of communication is a little bit of silence,  so talk a little less:  At Pink Lemonade, we are a bunch of hard-working and close-knit creative professionals always finding an excuse to just swing our chairs around and talk about the first thing that comes into our heads. But before these excuses slowly transform us into a hardly-working group of professionals, we have decided to figuratively zip our mouths and stick to our ‘talk a little less’ resolution.
  • To continue enjoying what we do every day: There is absolutely no shame in admitting that work can be a pain in wrong place! That’s just the way of life – there are some good days and some not-so-good ones. But if you don’t like what you’re doing, you’re bound to see some bad or even worse days. We at Pink Lemonade are lucky. We know what we love doing and have found it. We hope that you are also able to find your life’s true passion because, you know what they say, if you love your job – it never feels like work!

Now that you have taken a look at our resolutions, it’s only fair that you share yours with us.  

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