I am Mumbai

Tired, frustrated, angry Mumbaikars – the raw truth. This is what “ I Am Mumbai” is all about. The two minute ad which depicts all the emotions of a tired and disappointed Mumbaikar represents the true Mumbai fighting spirit of not being taken for granted.

The concept is well conceived with a strong script highlighting the angst of the Aam Aadmi. This ad knocks at the doors of your conscience and makes you want to stand up and shout. Without resorting to anything flashy, this ad leaves a massive impact on the audience. Uniquely untainted by the glamour and plasticity of the ad industry, all clippings have been shot with real people across Mumbai streets.

Who could ever imagine making a film from news bits? The message sent across by Mumbai Mirror is LOUD & CLEAR. Also the punchline “I AM MUMBAI” is unique and captivating.

This ad truly deserved the Gold in the Film and Film Craft category at The Cannes Lions Festival 2012.

We would definitely give it a five star and hope that we get to see more of this kind of smart thinking. A brilliant visualisation of the commoner’s anguish, this ad drives home the message crisp and clear.

Kudos to the Mumbai Mirror Team, hope to see more from you.

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