What an idea sirjee!!

In today’s competitive market, advertisers are constantly vying for the consumer’s attention, bombarding them with messaging left, right, and centre. Amidst it all, how do you come up with yet another off-beat idea that ‘makes its mark’ and how!

Lifebuoy’s recent campaign of printing messages on rotis at the Kumbh Mela is one such stunner! The message is simple, “Have you washed your hands with Lifebuoy today?”Nothing out of the ordinary… but when this very message is served, fresh off the griddle, straight into the hands of the target audience, it’s drives the point home.
Partnering with 100 dhabas and hotels, this message was printed on rotis that were distributed to the pilgrims. While Lifebuoy is already a household name, this campaign reinforces the product and its germ-free messaging in the minds of the aam janta without a fuss.

This isn’t advertising, it is inception – planting an idea in the heads of the consumer. So the next time they go out to buy soap, they instinctively pick Lifebuoy. Mission accomplished!

Not only is the message of washing your hands before eating essential, the means of doing so is hassle-free and cost-effective. Every marketers dream come true. Innovative, eco-friendly, and simple, an inspiring campaign by Team Ogilvy!

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