Onomatopoeia in the ad world!

“Hark, hark!
The watch-dogs bark!
Hark, hark! I hear
The strain of strutting chanticleer
Cry, ‘cock-a-diddle-dow!'”
(Ariel in William Shakespeare’s The Tempest)

Well, Ariel had it quite simplified for us with all her harking and barking because what she has actually done is exemplified an onomatope. Wikipedia describes “onomatopoeia” as a word that phonetically imitates or suggests the source of the sound that it describes or imitation of a sound. The ‘buzz’ is that almost every other sentence in a conversation contains an onomatope.

For those at a loss of sophisticated words, using an onomatope will definitely brighten up your conversations.

“I am so hungry, I can hear my tummy rumble

Ugh! The road is so dirty”

Splat! The water balloon hit her head”

We would also like to refer to the Late Shammi Kapoor and the Late Kishore Kumar the unofficial ambassadors of omonatopoeia, since they have entertained the public for eons with their “Yahooooooooooo!” & “Yodle Yodle Yooohoo”. Memorable sounds create memorable sounds. Get it? 

Also, advertisers have for a long time used Onomatopoeia to effectively communicate their core message and the characteristic of their products. Almost instantly, this creates a memory for the customer to hold on to. The association with the brand is certainly easier.



Children, they say, are the best users of onomatopoeia. Well, how many of us haven’t heard something on the lines of:  “The dog kept barking ‘woof woof’ and he ran so fast that ‘thud’ he fell down and then he began crying really loudly ‘waaaaaaaaaaahhh’ and just who hasn’t heard of the famed superheroes eliminating the baddies with their ‘Wham’, ‘Piff’, ‘Pow’, and ‘Crunch’!


Though, a well known rhetorical question, one might eventually wonder is why onomatopoeia doesn’t sound like what it is?

Have a look at how use of onomatopoeia can effectively communicate a message:


Here’s a list of other onomatopes:

Hiss , Woof, Buzz, Oink, Meow, Plop, Hiccup, Roar, Chirp, Chug, Tring, Bang, Ding-Dong, Brrriiiinnngggg, Clank.

Go ahead and use them in your creatives!





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