Whether it’s a movie, a book, or a TV show — the romantic soiree between the Mumbai locals and us never really ends. So what really makes Cyrus Daruwala’s book, ‘I Take This Train Too’ different you ask?


The book isn’t about a love story set amidst the squalid railway platform or a feud between two local underworld groups who operate on trains. This book brings the story of the local train, its people, and their closely intertwined lives alive through comedy and art.


Two reasons why we love the book: the dynamic illustrations and the satirical voice of the author. This book, hand bound with colourful threads, grabs everyone’s attention from afar. And once it has your attention, there is just no letting go.

The eye-catching illustrations maybe colourful and pop art-esque, but they present a true picture of the local train and its travelling Mumbaikars — in its own quirky yet life-like way! The illustrations are detailed but casual, each a distinct manifestation of an explosively creative mind.

Whether it is ‘Dada’, the man who picks his nose as easily as he picks fights, or ‘Judger’, the old woman by the window who disapproves of everything you do, the illustrations alone give you a clear picture of every character, even what they would smell like. And what only enhances this image is the copy that goes with it — an insightful look into their heads and hearts through the lens of a satirist with the flair for wit, sarcasm, and unforgettable one liners.


An imaginative and creative ode to the race to survive on the Mumbai local, Cyrus Daruwala takes the art of illustrations to an entire different paradigm with ‘I Take This Train Too’.

It’s time you board the train too!

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