Catch the emotional bug. Go viral!

Gone are the days when marketing communication revolved around rational appeals and hard sell. Brainwashing your viewer and coercing them into believing your brand identity are looked down upon by the advertising and marketing society, and what has been given greater importance is the art of subtle selling using an emotional appeal.

This emotional appeal plays on the consumers’ social and psychological needs, making them feel for the product and the wonders it can do to their life. And what it also helps do is showcase a positive brand image that is long-lasting and effective!

Playing on this emotional angle and triggering a deep psychological need for love and belonging in its viewers, is the new British Airways Campaign ‘A ticket to see Mum.’ A five-minute video which captures a man’s love for his country, his city, and his family and the angst of his mother who wants to see her son again, the campaign mesmerises and romanticises it users and sends the message: ‘British airways is an airline with a soul.’

Another angle that only adds greater value to the messaging is the concept of a mother’s love – a universal idea that triggers an emotional response across all divides. Juxtaposing British Airways with this concept gives them a unique stand when compared to their contemporaries.

A visual treat with a surprise ending, this trend-setting video is creating waves across the world and has ensured British Airways a spot in every parent’s hearts. Kudos to them!

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