When you’re given sour lemons… make lemonade

That’s exactly what Gândul, a daily Romanian newspaper, did when sour news spread that Britain was planning an anti-immigration campaign in Romania and Bulgaria. The campaign would be called – ‘You won’t like it here’.

If you were told you weren’t welcome somewhere, the first and sometimes only reaction would be seeing red. The loud and proud amongst us would call this unwelcoming party names and the stupidly brave might even resort to toilet-papering their front yard. But the really smart ones would respond with a very cheeky and successful ad campaign! Say hello to Gândul’s ‘We may not like Britain, but you’ll love Romania. WHY DON’T YOU COME OVER?’


The campaign’s ads were placed on Facebook. Further making it a campaign of the people, Romanians on Facebook were urged to submit their own headlines. They could also offer their couches for the arriving British travelers and Romanian companies could offer their vacant jobs. The end result, you ask?

 The campaign increased the newspaper’s readership by 30% and most importantly, it made the British media regret its past discrimination and made the British Government cancel its ridiculous campaign. This brainchild of Romania’s GMP Advertising went on to win a Gold Award at AdStars! And the accolades continue to pour in even today.

 The campaign is mainly based on British stereotypes – the Royal Family, fish n’ chips, the tube, the weather, beer, and really, really high rent! The copy-only campaign cleverly turns these stereotypes on their head and without being overtly insulting, it positions Romania as the better place to be in. Presented as simple red and blue posters with the copy written in white (the colours of Britian) the copy reads as facts. Thereby reminding the readers that the Romanians didn’t have to employ theatrics to sell a very simple idea – the British will love Romania! And so do we!

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