Here it comes — Social advertising at its best!

Talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does! A message that really hits home. One that doesn’t promote an organization’s products but instead introduces a concept to the viewer, pulls at their emotional chords, and leaves them thinking. This is the power of effective social advertising that Dove (no surprises there!) has leveraged with their new campaign Onslaught, which targets the astronomically impossible standards set by beauty industry’s on the perfect woman. All this campaign had to do was tell us something we already know. A nudge, if you must, that puts a whole lot of simple truths into perspective.
This is a new trend we are seeing in the industry. Taking social issues and integrating them into the vision of the organization. This campaign shows the influence branding can have on us. Negative or positive. Every time you go to a store, go for a walk, or are simply reading the papers with your morning cup of tea, you are exposed to thousands of brands which have an overwhelming effect on you subconsciously. This makes it important for all of us to study what our brand says to the audience.
Dove was very clever in the way they downplayed the beauty industry, while being a part of it (for the most part) themselves. But of course Dove knows that every woman is beautiful — with or without make-up. They set themselves apart from an industry which is famous for defining beauty by creating their own definition — a smart move that seems to be hitting the right spots!

Our take home includes a powerful, moving message, which makes us think how much of an impact good advertising has an our minds, an insight into how we need to treat our brands, and of course food for thought the next time we step into a cosmetic store.

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