Amul touches the chord with India, yet again

Amul has to sell. Its dream is to enter every home in India. That’s the brand side of the story. What consumers get along the way are not just Amul products — which they may or may not like — but also heart-warming ads and commercials, which are surely lapped up by one and all. The latest to hit the spot is a video titled ‘Har Ghar Amul Ghar’ which endearingly drives home an urban truth — role reversal and Generation Z.

Amul products quietly work their magic into the human psyche through this infomercial which portrays the morning scene at the house of a young couple and their school-going kid. The little boy —  fed well on Amul goodies — is shown to be healthy, independent, intelligent, sensitive, and confident. The ad leaves a deep impact on the audience and Amul, yet again, succeeds in selling a dream.

While positioning itself as a brand, Amul has rarely failed to align itself with the nation’s aspirations and developments — whether social, political, or economical. And it does so innovatively.

The 3.19-minute film touches the consumer in more ways than one, just as the brand’s rural series with their unforgettable and hummable ‘Mero gaam kaatha paarey’. If the previous infomercials hailed women empowerment in villages, ‘Har Ghar Amul Ghar’ raises a toast to young India.

The brand has been reinventing itself only to reiterate what it has been saying since decades —  from ‘Taste of India’ to ‘Amul Doodh Peeta Hain India’, and now ‘Har Ghar Amul Ghar’, its marketing strategy is undoubtedly to get India internalise Amul. If the Amul Girl with her witty taglines is a way to bare the brand’s conscientious side, the latest film makes another smart attempt in that direction. Go watch.

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