Brands that are winning at Instagram

Instagram is today one of the most popular social networking sites, especially with the youth. The social platform’s ability to connect with customers through pictorial storytelling is a prized tool for marketers.

Here are some brands doing extremely well on this platform.


This coffee vendor is definitely the brand making the most of its Instagram account.  Starbucks aims to be seen as a friendly coffee shop that happens to have a few other branches rather than just another large corporate chain. With its Instagram account largely user-generated, it shows two things matter to Starbucks: the coffee and its customers.


Billboard, like many publications, started out in print. It is now growing to merge with the age of real-time content updates. Billboard uses Instagram to promote its pages as well as give real-time updates of its interactions with celebrities. Instagram allows Billboard to reveal its latest featured individuals in casual and candid photographs, making it easier for the audience to connect.


Sharpie’s focus on artistic freedom and expression makes it one of the most successful brands on Instagram. Many of its Instagram images don’t feature the markers themselves, but rather their ink as applied to the canvas. A large part of the content is user-generated, making Sharpie one of the most successful players on Instagram.


You’ll never see a Nike post with just products. This sneaker giant’s Instagram is filled with stunning landscape shots and people using their merchandise in their environments. Nike PHOTOiD has been one of the most successful campaigns on Instagram. It gave fans the opportunity to design their own shoes and choose backgrounds to go with them.  The result: an overflow of user-generated content.

A picture is worth a thousand words and Instragram speaks volumes.

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