Hitting the sweet spot


You seldom get another chance to make the right first impression and Divine chocolate doesn’t need one. Perfectly pitched to stand out from the crowd, the packaging demands attention with bold, vivid colors and uncommon design elements.

Read on to see why we think the packaging hits all the right notes.


In step with the trend, but pushing the envelope as far as food packaging goes, is the liberal use of neon colors. The use of a jet black background as contrast enhances their pop appeal, while matte gold helps keep the balance. Taking center stage is the logo, embossed and stylized in bright gold to emphasize the subtext of luxury and indulgence that chocolates evoke.

Neon colors also assist customers to quickly identify their favorite flavors as each color is associated with a specific flavor. For example, hot pink with raspberry and eco green with mint.


Staying clear of images of ingredients and swirls of chocolate, the Divine chocolate wrapper is peppered with attractive design elements. What seem to be just graphic representations at first glance are actually popular West African Adinkra symbols. Cleverly incorporated to point to the origin of the chocolate — Ghana, where some of the best cocoa comes from — they also draw in the well-informed.

Flip the wrapper over for a small explanation about the symbol and what it denotes. It’s little details like this that help elevate the packaging to the next level.

Brand story

Each Divine bar unveils the ‘heart’ of the company with an introduction to the Kuapa Kokoo cocoa farmers who own 45% of the Fairtrade chocolate company. The fact that each bar is a labor of love is reinforced with either a heart-warming story of one of the farmers or a great recipe on the inside of the wrapper — an element that not only eggs the buyer to buy more but also start a collection.

In the real world, the idiom ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ has been proven untrue time and again. For us, who had no prior knowledge of Divine, a ‘good cover’ is what drove us to pick it up from the shelf. And of course, a good product inside does help too.

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