‘Floor’ Your Employees With The Right Internal Communications



Tip 1 – Go digital

It’s time to go digital with your employees! Besides saving you print costs, interactive, animated mailers create an impact and engage your employees better. Set up an internal social channel and run weekly contests to build up your activity stream on social media. Once you have a thriving internal social platform, you’ve got a captive audience right there!

tunerightTip 2 – Tune it right

Opt for company radio and explore a whole new medium of interacting with your employees. Broadcast talk shows, song requests, quizzes, and more. Give your organization a voice and employees another reason to rejoice. What’s more, this can be done with a custom RJ only for your brand!



Tip 3 – Brand it new

Ever thought of extending the feel of your organization to office stationery? Bring your brand alive through notebooks, calendars, stickers, water bottles, and pens. Whether at their workstations or otherwise, you will find employees flaunting the company spirit with pride!


floorthemTip 4 – Floor them

If you’ve already done up your walls, here’s another option to spruce up the workplace. Use creative, striking floor stickers to deliver messages which employees can quickly absorb while moving around. Ever run a teaser campaign using floor stickers? If not, start now!


workbottomsupTip 5 – Work bottom-up

Why not turn the tables on communication flow? Install suggestion boxes or bulletin boards around the office for employees to voice their concerns and ideas. Crowdsource for your internal initiatives and hear fresh ideas all the time!


At Pink Lemonade, we’re always suggesting out-of-the-box initiatives to make maximum impact. Come on over to discuss how we can keep your internal communications going!

Call Roshnee +91 98450 38373 (or) Tina +91 98450 00342

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