Ever wondered what’s the secret to a company’s unforgettable tagline?
Well, we’re here to unravel that mystery with these 6 tricks!


Cut it short
Taglines are meant to make an instant connect as soon as someone hears of your brand or sees your logo. Avoid long sentences that go beyond the gist of your company – you have your website for that.




Make it speak
Get your tagline to speak about what your brand has to offer. Highlight the end-benefit and not your product, because people relate better with what change you can make to their lives.




Brand it fresh
If it stands apart from the rest, chances are it’ll have greater recall. Steer clear of clichéd taglines and the very first idea that pops in your head. Think out-of-the-box and soon you’ll have the town abuzz!




Make it punchy
Any tagline with a nice ring to it sticks in the mind. If you want to up your game in the market, find out your competition’s tagline and ace it with a punchy tagline of your own.



heart_plGive it heart
Let your tagline be an extension of your brand identity. Keep in mind your brand’s story and the values it abides by. After all, taglines are the closest words to the brand name.




break_plBreak it down
Even though you’ve carefully spelled out the target group for your brand, there’s no harm in reaching out to others. Use simple and universally accepted words instead of complicated jargon that only target industry-specific people.



Think our tips do the trick for you? We have a lot more where this came from! Stop by our office and let us give your brand a voice with logos, brand names, taglines, and much more!

Call Roshnee +91 98450 38373 (or) Tina +91 98450 00342

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