Re-branding Roof and Floor!

When the Pink Lemonade team met with roofandfloor, we were more than excited. Not only was this a startup in the fast-emerging real estate market but also one that was supported by The Hindu Group. Add to that, we had experience with clients like Commonfloor and Quikr, so this was yet another feather in our cap!

First things first

The meeting turned into a brainstorming session that resulted in some quick ideas from both teams. Soon, Pink Lemonade was gung-ho about defining a new identity for roofandfloor.


The old logo, which resembled a butterfly, did little to bring out what the brand stood for and its attributes of trustworthiness, partnership, honesty and security.

The roofandfloor team also mentioned that The Hindu logo would always be placed next to the main logo. However, the bright, solid colors of the old roofandfloor logo overpowered the traditional Hindu logo entirely.

Our approach

When a brand needs to go-to-market with a fresh approach, we ensure that we help them put their best foot forward. The Pink Lemonade team began with an exercise to understand the brand and the real estate space better. roofandfloor founder Gowri Shankar was specific that the logo must not depict a home or an office but just have spatial recognition that conveyed the brand attributes in a creative, effective manner.

Internal brainstorming sessions and market research revealed that customers looking for homes would trust a brand that stood for:

  • A 360-degree platform from discovery to advice to delivery
  • Transparency at every stage of the home-searching/buying process
  • Security of the homes listed
  • Happiness of ownership
  • Speed of discovery
  • The feeling of space

Shaping it right

Of course, as is well known – a logo can never encompass all the attributes of a brand. That’s why the team at Pink Lemonade worked on using elements that best depicted the essence of the brand. Our starting point was to play around with the brand initials, using cleverly placed graphic elements to denote space, and other creative routes – all of which led to some interesting rough sketches.


Basic sketches and thoughts for the brand identity.

Spoilt for choice

The team went all out – bringing to the table multiple ways of presenting the brand in the best possible light. We put forth diverse options, exposing layers of thought to the brand positioning through a logo breakup.  A few options from our first set of logos:


The ever-evolving  process of refinement

When we presented to the roofandfloor team, we got a sense that they were looking for something simpler. Though they loved our thought process, they actually wanted a minimalist approach in terms of  execution. They were expecting impactful, abstract logos that could be interpreted differently by different people. And so began round 2 (didn’t we always say design is an iterative process!) We came back with a new set of options which held ‘the one’!


Bingo! The final option and why it was chosen

The two teams froze on one powerful logo that lent voice to the brand’s positioning. With a few changes in alignment and the color palette, roofandfloor now had its brand new logo. There were a few core reasons why this logo was chosen:

  • Clever placement: The ‘r’ formed the door frame while the ‘f’ was highlighted through the use of negative space
  • Cool colors: Shades of blue were chosen, as the color stands for loyalty, stability, and honesty – plus it didn’t hurt that it’s easy on the eye
  • Clean font: A contemporary, sans serif font gave the brand its edge. It portrayed the brand as one that adapts to new times even though it belonged to a heritage group like The Hindu


The complete look

Pink Lemonade was proud to take the brand identity further with stationery that stayed true to the essence of the brand. We branded their envelopes, letterheads, and visiting cards. We retained the legacy that the brand was backed up through text –  ‘A part of The Hindu Group’.

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