Are you geared up for a brand revamp?


Evaluate your vision

A brand revamp is more than just a logo redesign. Ask yourself – who are you as a company now? What do you want to be perceived as in the future? Does the new brand answer these questions? If this is unclear, rebranding simply becomes an unnecessary expense.

Ensure continuity in brand

Your current brand, however long you’ve relied on it, has connected with your customers. Don’t discard this connection. Retain some part of your old logo (a colour, font type, or design elements of the logo) to keep the connect with your customers alive.

Ascertain relevance of brand

A brand is only relevant when it meets the needs of its customers. Will rebranding fill this gap and give you a competitive edge? If so, bring out your growth story to assure customers you’re listening to them. Start with your logo and tagline. Then follow it up with stationery, website, brochures, proposals, and more.

Spread the word

Tell the world about your big change before unravelling the new you. Use all the tools at your disposal. Social media channels and, most importantly, your employees are very powerful means of communication.

Revisit strategies after launch

Rebranding in itself is not the end of the project. Several organizations reverted to their old look because rebranding couldn’t convey the story strongly enough. Continue to collect and address feedback from clients and other stakeholders after the change. Revisit your plans and tweak them whenever required.


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