Brewing a World of Coffee

At Pink Lemonade, coffee is what keeps us running. So when Tata Coffee came to us for their new project, we filled our mugs to the brim and got to work.

The clear brief

Tata Coffee was participating in the India International Coffee Festival 2016 and wanted us to design their stall. The brief was fairly clear – a theme emphasizing coffee’s arrival to Coorg was to be translated into a clutter-breaking stall design. From coffee’s legacy in Coorg and the Kodava culture to the brand and its offerings, the design had to encapsulate it all.

Many cups of coffee = one brilliant concept

The creative minds cracked their brains. An extensive brainstorming session followed on the different elements the stall must have and how best to incorporate them. Our eureka moment came straight from the essence of the brand – coffee. We made coffee beans our central inspiration. The store’s components, including the entrance door and interiors resonated with this idea too.

many cups of coffee

The filter method

We presented the clients with different approaches to storytelling – narrative, factual, and conversational. We were thrilled when the Tata team went with the idea of a classy and suave narrative. Design wise, our first drafts turned out to be exactly what the client had in mind!

Sorting the space

The challenge that loomed was the limited space in which we had to execute our coffee ideas. We kept the principles of ergonomics in mind to utilize the stall to its maximum. Putting ourselves in the shoes of the visitors, we ensured that the installations allowed for free movement, brand visibility, and functionality.

The essential ingredients

A huge cup, carrying Tata’s branding, was placed on the top to make it visible even from a distance. Six panels with eye-catching photographs and supporting narrative copy composed the backdrops. We dedicated each panel to a chapter in coffee’s journey and it association with the brand. Cup-shaped tables were placed to display the plethora of products while the new products were highlighted on the shelves.

essential ingredients

Blending it right

Inspired by the color of coffee, brown flooring merged seamlessly with the walls and furniture. White color contributed to the simple yet sophisticated look, making the space appear open. The material selection was crucial, and we went with acrylic. This made people see through the walls and catch a glimpse, triggering enough curiosity to step inside.

The perfect cup

We stayed true to the brand’s value and Tata Coffee appreciated how we saw the whole idea to fruition.  The theme, the designs, and the story were well-received by those who visited the stall – adding to the many success stories we’ve helped brands realize. It only went to portray how much we love a challenge and our interest for many more conquests!

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