About Pink Lemonade

Kill a bad creative or do a creative that’s done to death?

All that the copy says or copy that says it all?

Your best designs or designs on you?

A good hand, an eye for detail, a refined taste… or just the human anatomy?

Art or artful? Craft or crafty?

Alternately/Alternatively, artefact or artifact?

If these questions speak to you, you’re on the right blog. Because, it only takes that little something to make your creative stand out but the question is, do we have that?

On Pink Lemonade’s blog, we critique good work, laugh at the unimaginable and marvel at the unthinkable!

It’s a vast creative world out there, and there’s ample food for thought.

So, stay.

Read on and let’s appreciate good copy and design together.

And trash some.

Communication to us, is incomplete without effective copy and good design. Like a room without a view! We specialise in bringing out effective communication material – both online and print – for various industries. From communication strategies to meet a marketing need, to creative ideation, copy, and design, we help put it all together. This blog is a space where we’d like to discuss some of the stuff we come across and work on. You can reach us at pinklemonade@pinklemonade.in

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