Google it or Gogola it?

There’s no denying the mindspace that Google occupies today. So much so, that Merriam Webster and list ‘googling’ as a verb today (“Definition: to search for information about a specific person through the Google search engine”) and no one thinks twice before saying “Google it!”

But little would Larry Page and Sergey Brin have imagined that some day they’d have to share cyberspace with none other than the Indian Gola! ‘Coz one local seller (and he actually has a website at craftily coined the name Gogola and gave it a visual identity to match too! Go check this out! For those who are wondering what a ‘gola’ is, it’s easy –  just Gogola it!

(Thanks Arnab for letting me share this!)


‘Throw’ away those old mediums

I love this video for its ability to engage an audience and subtly pass on the brand messaging. Clearly makes you associate the product with the best! Notice the product inserts and shots even as they’re showing the target every time! Brilliant! It’s time we came up with such ‘cutting-edge’ stuff/ virals!

Cock-tale after all!

Somethings give you a tremendous sense of déjà vu. Years ago when I picked up a Tantra t-shirt, we laughed our hearts out at the unique idea of this very dehati (read local road-side) menu on the t-shirt! What with Piss Aloo (for Peas Aloo), Gopi Manchurian (instead of Gobi Manchurian), Bal Makhni (not Dal Makhni) making it to the front of the t-shirt!!! The pièce de résistance was of course, the last item on the shirt!

Years later, I can actually roll over ‘coz eating at most restaurants has certainly given me a Bal Makhni (a hair floats in almost every other dish I have had); my cook, Shankari, actually takes delight in making Gopi Manchurian for us; and the last straw came a week ago when a friend and I walked into a little place down the road, only to be presented with the following menu. I couldn’t stop laughing when I noticed the last item – the Tantra t-shirt manifested after all! 🙂

A promotion idea you can’t put down

Some promotion ideas are simply unputdownable! This Lenevo seat ad is definitely one of them. Designed like a laptop, this bus seat will surely get all eye-balls! Certainly no ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ (pun intended)!

A promo that throws you off your chair?

Et tu Brutus, then fall Seezar!


With copy like this, there’s certainly no hope for Caesar! 🙂

Copy – local style!

One thing that never fails to amuse me is copy on billboards and signboards outside local shops on Indian roads. Obviously, this is no great copywriter’s work, and so no discussions are justified… amusing nevertheless and certainly fun to find and read.

Jewellery shopping in Jaipur

All that it takes!

Kill a bad creative or do a creative that’s done to death?

All that the copy says or copy that says it all?

Your best designs or designs on you?

A good hand, an eye for detail, a refined taste… or just the human anatomy?

Art or artful? Craft or crafty?

Alternately/Alternatively, artefact or artifact?

If these questions speak to you, you’re on the right blog. Because, it only takes that little something to make your creative stand out but the question is, do we have that?

On All That It Takes, we critique good work, laugh at the unimaginable and marvel at the unthinkable!

It’s a vast creative world out there, and there’s ample food for thought.

So, stay.

Read on and let’s appreciate good copy and design together.

And trash some.